The KS-T930 Series of terminal crimping machines ensure that the correct amount of force and displacement is applied to the terminals when they are crimped to the wires. 5 models are available ranging from 1.0 – 4.0 tons. These machines have inter-changeable applicators which are manufactured to suit the crimp/terminals.


KS-T930 Automatic Crimping Machine is one of a series of crimping machines.

With 5 models in the range there is  machine suitable for every crimp.  These machines are fully electric meaning there is no need for air to be used.  Models are differentiated by the amount of force required to secure the crimp to the wire.  Every model has a specific applicator manufactured to suit the crimp being processed.  The KS-T930 Automatic Crimping Machine is fed from overhead the machine through a unique mechanism which precisely positions the crimps in place.  Once the wire is presented to the applicator, the operator presses the foot pedal and the crimp is securely fastened to the wire.

The 5 different models vary from 1 – 4 Tons of pressure that can be applied.  All are fully electric and come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.