Mixing solder paste before use ensures a smooth and level coating of paste during the screen printing process.  Bring old paste back to life by mixing it in this machine.


Solder Paste Mixer Features:

  1. Unique contoured shape.
  2. Motor rotates cups at 45° angles to mix solder paste
  3. Two Cans of 500g solder paste can be mixed at one time
  4. Solder paste remains closed throughout entire operation
  5. Older paste brought back to life through the mixing process
  6. Process is totally automated, stable performance, easy to operate, high safety factor, and simple in maintenance
  7. Omron time relay controller, reliable and easy to operate.
Solder Paste Mixer Specifications

Model OB-M628
Dimensions – 430×400×480(mm)
Revolution speed – 600RPM/Min
Rotation speed – 350RPM/Min
Power – AC110/220V 50/60HZ
Mixing method – Centrifugal mixing
Mixing angle – 45°
Mixing capacity – 500g Jars of solder paste * 2
Weight Approx – 40Kg

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