UM18 Digital Microscope – with advanced image system deliver 2MP true image at 60 fps in real time. The continuous Auto-focus function is helpful for middle inspection. Control focus, AWB, EV and luminance through IR remote controller, not necessary to touch the device.


UM18 Digital Microscope.

Product Specifications

CMOS Sensor – 2 Million Pixels CMOS Sensor

Lens – Object Lens 4X: 4/0.10,160/0.17: Object Lens 10X: 10/0.25,160/0.17

Magnification – Object Lens 4X: 12x˜130x;1  Object Lens 10X: 210x˜460x on 21.5″ Monitor

Auxiliary Source: White LED x 30pcs

DC Port – Adapter DC Input

HDMI Port – Output 1080P (1920*1080 Pixel) image.

Focus Control – IR Remote Control

Power Supply – Input 240V 50Hz / Output DC 5V @ 2.0A

Power Consumption – 0.225A (Max)

Dimensions – 106mm(l)x106mm(w)x152mm(h)

Weight – 310g

UM18 Digital Microscope Video

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