ViTiny Tabletop USB/HDMI Zoom Microscope is equipped with build-in 5 objective lens and has optional coaxial light. You can zoom continuously from FOV 12.3 mm to 1.42 mm at parfocal distance of working distance 82 mm on live images. Also you can change to other C mount zoom lens with different parfocal distance.  With HDMI connection to a HD monitor, the frame rate is fast at 30 fps at 1080P full HD without any delay.


Tabletop USB/HDMI Zoom Microscope – The crisp and clear image quality is very impressive.
With USB cable to connect to a computer and the included ViTiny Viewer software, you can do auto-focusing, viewing, capturing images, recording videos and editing live images.
The coaxial lighting is best for inspecting strong reflective objects such as crystals, diamonds, wafers, glass and shining metals etc.

Tabletop USB/HDMI Zoom Microscope Specs
  • Magnification: 33x – 205x on 24″ HDMI monitor
  • Working distance: 82 mm
  • CMOS sensor: 5 MP
  • Dimension: 67 (L) x 66 (W) x 250 (H) mm
  • HDMI or USB 2.0
  • Power source: DV 5V/2A input; 180 cm cable length
  • Mode #1: USB interface
    • Save images in JPEG or BMP format, 2D measurement, image caparison
    • Device compatibility: Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X 4.8+, Linux
    • AP software platform: Windows 10/8/7
  • Mode #2: HDMI interface
    • 1080P signal output
    • Response 30 fps