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Titanium Solder Pot Lead Free Square WT-107

Call for Price

Introducing the WT-107 Lead Free Solder Pot.  This lead free solder pot in configured with a high powered exothermic core.  The WT-107 solder pot will reach 450°C from room temperature within 25 minutes.

The microcomputer chips intelligent control is adopted with:

Dual Digital Display

Visual & Clear Display

High Heat Sensitivity

Rapid Return Temperature

Quick Temperature Compensation

High Precision Temperature Control

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Technical Data – Square Titanium Solder Pot

Suitable for Lead Free solder

Rated Power – 500W

Temperature Range – 0°C / 600°C

Melting Capacity – 2.3Kg

External Dimensions – 327mm * 175mm * 115mm

Solder Bath / Crucible Size – 100mm * 70mm * 45mm

WT107 – Lead Free Square Titanium Solder Pot

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