Product & Tote handling is part of the manufacturing process, the ability to handle and move these products around the plant safely is essential.  We custom build product handling systems and tote transfer systems to customers requirements.


Product Handling Systems

The ability to move product from one process to the next safely and easily is where our systems fit in.

We take your existing processes and try and improve them by removing waste and increasing productivity.

Rolling 300 products on one easily maneuverable trolley is easier than piling totes onto a pallet and moving them with a pallet truck or forklift around your plant.

As with our workbenches we primarily use aluminium profile frames on our systems.  This combined with other materials like compact laminate, various plastics and stainless steel for shelving and storage.

Our clients have asked us to create many unique Product Handling Systems, some of which can be seen here.

From custom cleaning trolleys where there is room for a bin, a full roll of industrial hand towel, brush & pan as well as a louvre panel to hold small bits and pieces to larger trolleys which transport 270 pieces from one step in the manufacturing process to the next.

We have designed and built shipping boxes to transport valuable goods around the world.

We have created shadow boards and stencil holder trolleys for clients in the electronics industry.

Flow-rack systems ensure product is constantly available to operators while easily being replenished from behind increasing productivity.

Please get in touch with any requirements you may have.