The Hard Case Backpack 3500 is an injection-molded backpack that is watertight, airtight and virtually crushproof. It is made of TTX01 polypropylene plastic resin with a micro-textured surface to reduce scratching. It can be customisable with a cubed foam, with an interior nylon bag or can be purchased empty.


Hard Case Backpack 3500 Dimensions
Internal dimensions: 433x319x169(mm) – 17.05×12.56×6.65(in)
External dimensions: 498x370x185(mm) – 19.61×14.57×7.28(in)
Empty: 3.00kg – 6.61lbs
With Cubed Foam: 3,55kg – 7.82lbs

Hard Case Backpack 3500 Features

  • Injection molded shell made of advanced patented plastic, TTX01 polypropylene-resin, for up to 20% lighter weight
  • Micro-textured surface to reduce scratching
  • Neoprene O-ring to keep the case air and watertight
  • Air pressure release valve included
  • Double-hinge locking latches for secure close and comfort open
  • Four extra strong side loops have been molded in for attaching future accessories such as a jacket and helmet net as well as a tripod holder
  • This¬†version of the case comes with the bag.