Our custom workbenches are made specifically to suit a particular need or environment, working from customer requirements we build bespoke workbenches with aluminium profile and a range of materials for work-surfaces, shelving and storage.



Custom Workbenches are built to suit customer requirements and the working environment meaning all our benches are unique.

Workbenches are built with aluminium profile frames ensuring they can withstand the rigors of day to day use.  We use slot 8 or slot 10 profile depending on application or customer preference.

Our workbenches are used in production areas,  pack-out stations & shipping.  Each of our tables can be customized to ensure the person working at the bench has access to tools, shelving space & storage.  This leads to a lean productive working environment.

We use a range of materials on our table tops such as compact laminate, stainless steel and a variety of plastics.

Workbenches can be free standing with leveling feet or movable on castors.

Height adjustable workstations which incorporate electric lifting columns with push button control allow for sit to stand height adjustment.

ESD Workstations