Blade dispenser for Personna Gem blades – Capacity 240 Blades


Blade Dispenser

Our dispenser is designed to provide a level of safety to the operator.  The operator never has to touch the sharp ends of the blades thus avoiding any nicks and cuts associated with handling blades. The blades are individually dispensed as shown in the video.

Together with our simple blade holder they provide a safe environment for working with these blades.  The dispenser is ideal for single use applications.  The separate blade holder allows the operator store the blade safely for multi use applications.

The loading process is shown in the video below.

Blade Dispenser Features

Simple Mechanism

Easy Loading

240 Blade Capacity

Over twice the capacity of existing products on the marketing leading to increase in productivity and potential savings on blade costs.

Works with single edge Personna Gem blades

Portable desktop unit.

Proven in industry.

Product Handling Range

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